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House Interior Painting

Transforming the inside of your home

Wanting a fresh look to the interior of your home?

Let us help you design the inside of your home around your lifestyle and personality. Avoid the mistake of guessing the paint colors and tones to use, get the advice of local Wellington painters and decorators. From painting kitchens to entire houses, we can tailor the perfect solution to make your home look like new.

We will not only provide you with an initial color consultation, but we can also help remove any existing wallpaper and plaster the room to provide the professional finish you deserve.

By managing the painting project from start to finish, we can guarantee a perfect finish and stand behind all of the work we do.

Color Consultation

Choose the perfect tone for your home

We offer a complete color consultation as part of all of our painting projects. This allows our designers and painters to show you the many options available to you.

By focusing on getting this right from the beginning, you have the opportunity to show us exactly what you like compared to the many variations available of similar colors. This ensures that after the painting is complete, you are 100% satisfied with both the quality of the finish, as well as the color collection.

Transform the inside of your home today

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